"we’re all mad here" with a little top hat under left boob

tree on my back

sun on left knee and moon on the other

sun and moon kissing either on left wrist or under right boob

can i just be 18 yet

I’m really good at seeming really conceited but the truth is i don’t believe any of it

Three cheers to the girls like me out there that are going to be the ugliest girl in her prom group.

When you don’t know if your in a fight with your friend or just her douchebag asshole boyfriend

Drew this maself
Words to live by from my mom:

No weeds. No sex. 

I hate that feeling where you look in the mirror and you see nothing special you see just another person that people are gonna let walk by not someone people will stop and notice not someone that a person will go home and think about im not gonna change any lives im npt gonna save the world so why do i even matter here? 

Things that are wrong with me

Zits. Frizzy hair. To tall. To big. Small eyes. Stupid laugh. Can’t make decisions. Nail bitter. Small boobs. Prude. Bad kisser. Glasses. Dead ends. Ugly smile. Socially awkward. Picky eater. Low voice. Horrible jokes. Not witty. Not clever. Can’t make people laugh. Stupid. Cheek biter. No piercings. Internet addict. Cheap. Negative. Bad at math. Can’t talk to people I don’t know. Not skinny enough. Hardly any friends. Nothing to be jealous of. Can’t spell. Has a lisp sometimes. Gross teeth. Bad girlfriend. Smelly feet. Not flat stomach. Jiggly thighs. Cry to easily/often. Mean to people I love. Jealous to easily. Stupid bedroom. Never satisfied. Dull blue eyes. Gross eyebrows. Short eyelashes. Big hands. Big feet. Losses everything. Always hungry. Snotty. Bad attitude. Always want my way. Thinks I’m funny when I’m not. No one could possible be jealous of me. Jealous of everyone else. Not happy. Weird nose. Hardly wears makeup. Pale skin. Always cold. Ugly clothes. Bad shoes. Soda addict. 


So not thankful for myself at all why do i even have to exist at all.